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GT "Giant Trevally" Popping

GT Popping

Aloha Fishing Hawaii specializes in topwater lure fishing for GT 'giant trevally'.  You can expect huge blow ups and crazy action packed attacks from these top predators of the reef.  These fish are even known for tracking prey above water and eating flying birds out of midair.  GT popping you'll be casting big poppers and stickbaits over reef structures and underwater drop-offs in the 15 to 120 foot range.  Usually we'll be drifting, casting over and over awaiting for a giant explosion on our topwater lures.  When your time comes and you get blown up on your popper you'll have to set the hook really hard to engage the hooks into the hard lips of these big fish.  Once the fish is hooked they'll take off straight down to the reef structure and underwater caves like a freight train.  You'll have to give it your all to stop and boost these giant trevally from cutting your 80-100 pound test line on the reef.  Once the fish is in the boat only then you'll feel the satisfaction and glory these fish bring to any fisherman who is lucky enough to hook and land these amazing powerful fish.  Defiantly one of the most fun and exciting topwater lure fishing you could ever do. That's why fishermen and fisher women from around the world has become in love and obsessed with catching these wild fish.  Come aboard and join me for half day or full day trip on the hunt for the Giant Trevally.

 Let's go!!!

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GT Popping: Pro Gallery
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